At Lean Journeys we are experts in Recruiting the right people for Director, Leading, Management, Practitioner, Consultant and Transformational Lean Jobs who have in-depth abilities in Lean Operational Excellence principles and approaches, and who positively engage, coach and lead others in change.

We work closely with proactive and ambitious Organisations, teams and people who are leaders in the world of delivering Lean Transformations in the UK and across Europe, in the Private and Public Sectors, throughout Consultancy, Service, Transactional and Manufacturing environments.

What Lean Journeys does to help you:-

Do you want to more fully meet short and long term challenges, realise your ambitions and continuously extend your deployment of Lean, for your Career or Organisation?

We are committed to helping Organisations and people to achieve their potential and success in their Lean Transformations and along their Lean Journeys, whatever the stage.

If you are seeking to Recruit to begin, continue, or uplift, a Lean Transformation, or to enhance your Organisation’s Lean Capability, we invite you to contact us with your Resource requirements here.

We have substantial experience, deep skills and an exceptional track record in the Recruitment of Lean professionals to Lean Jobs and we can deliver the people you need to successfully achieve significant and ongoing Performance Improvement and competitiveness.

Welcome to Lean Journeys

  1. Be Successful

As UK and European Specialists in Recruitment for Lean Transformations and Developing Capability, we are actively working to fulfil Lean Specialist Job Vacancies of real scope, both internally within Organisations and externally in Consultancy, including Lean Consultancy Associate Contracts, for a range of positive Clients across all Sectors.

You can apply for specific Lean Jobs from a selection of our current Lean Transformation Specialist opportunities.

We also welcome you to contact us with your CV and relevant details here to be proactively considered for all Lean Jobs opportunities to more successfully realise your career aspirations as a Lean Transformation professional, for your active, or prospective, Lean Job search.

If you know a Lean Transformation Specialist who may be open to a Lean Job change, an Organisation that is looking to Recruit the right person for Lean Jobs or to build a team, or an individual who would otherwise find our services of value, you can send someone a link to Lean Journeys here.